Werewolf Sighting

Werewolf Sighting

Mysterious Sightings.. Someone was taking a walk at night in their local park.  They captured this mysterious image at the end of the walkway.  Could this be a werewolf captured on film? Or another mysterious demon?  They say there was no lights at the end of the walkway, so where did they come from?

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44 Responses to Werewolf Sighting

  1. Robyn Marsden says:

    It almost looks like a horse looking over it’s shoulder, becuase if you look at the face, it has a black line across it’s face and then the face continues on to form a round muzzle. And there are demonic horses…

  2. TUNA says:

    It looks a little short to be a horse. Also, most animals eyes don’t reflect red.

  3. makes sense says:

    Acc. to me it is edited and the photograph of some fish is morphed.because the forelegs would have been visible in the light if the face is or if was dark only the eye reflection could have been captured.

    • shannon says:

      Have you ever shone a flashlight into a dark place and only a small area reflects? Perhaps just the eyes caught the light.

  4. to be honest it does look like a werewolf if you look at the forehead it is rounded and one thing you gotta know is a bit of info on humans and wolves

    • Danielle says:

      Well …if you look at the head there are wolf like ears and the shape of the head is wolf like. and if you look at right eye …there is what looks like hackles that lead into the wolfs back. so its like the wolf’s body is fully facing the left and its head is turned.
      If thats wrong …look under the head, the legs are a bit visible.

  5. Andrew says:

    its not a horse. it cant be. you can see the pointy ears (if your not blind) andits skiny legs.

  6. This has me stumped. It looks like… I don’t know. I have seen different photos of werewolves and this looks like all of them combined.

  7. Laura Underwood says:

    i think this looks kinda human looking but with a deformity of somekind, but human eyes dont glow like other animal and i dont know many animals that have eyes that glow red so either this is photoshoped by someone amazing or it is real o_o

  8. Jacob says:

    this is what i think.. I think it is a werewolf i know that sound’s crazy but to me is a werewolf but that’s just me

  9. wesley says:

    Its a werewolf i was attacked by one and those eyes look like the ones that haunt me. i have witnesses

  10. Luna salazr says:

    Woah, tht’s creepy. It kinda looks like a werewolf mix with… Uh…. Something is missing. Or it’s just me.

  11. Tina says:

    Wesley,I am just curious as to where you live,I mean state,not town,and could you explain abit more about the attack,my opinion on this photo is,I don’t see a bridal on this image,so to me it dismisses the horse demon,I will however agree there are such demons thoughor spirits or whatever you wish to call them,a fish???,seriously????,how could you see a fish???,anyway I believe in werewolves,would love to go to Minnisota and see the “Beasts of Brayton road” could be wrong on the spelling of the road,but the state is right

  12. Esther says:

    If this is the Wesley I think it is, then he lives in the four corners region of New Mexico. Actually the state where Bray Road is at is in Wisconsin. Linda Godfrey wrote a book or rather several books about the Beast. I used to belong to her yahoo group unknowncreaturespot. On youtube there is a video of the Wesley I am thinking this is..its called Wesley and the Dogman. My friend Jc Johnson interviewed him. Its a true story. It happened out in Navajo territory and may or may not be skinwalker related.

  13. suzukihondacivic says:

    the animals could be werewolves or real wolves too. There are wolves in my neighborhood in the suburbs, but no werewolves but me. Also, the light is from your camera!!! Often werewolves in human form have hair at least existing on their palm, and their middle finger is over extensive, if you are 100% positive…

  14. Chad says:

    Darn someone caught me on camara and I didnt get to rip thir throat out. Ahh the taste of warm blood juicy human flesh. So very delightful. Best to not be out at night For I and my brethern maybe on the prowl.

  15. Hey you! If your not kidding about that then im going to track you down and take a silver bullet, put it in my shot gun, and shoot you with it. now if your not a real werewolf i’ll refrain from doing so. all you have to do is tell me if your real or not

  16. Lee says:

    Looks like a regular dog just out of reach of the camera flash illumination. The retina still reflects heaps even though the dogs coat doesnt show up in the near dark. Because of the low light, the dogs pupils are likely fully dialated adjusting to the dark giving maximum reflection. The red of the eyes is likely due to the camera compensating for low light with the actual vision being a littl more green. One of my cameras tends to so that. I have a flash photo of my cat and the light was reflected so brightly from her eyes that it caused lens flares.

    Or of course it could be something more logical… like a werewolf!

  17. Sofiaaaaa says:

    Look, the werewolf is a myth! Lots of people believe in it because of twilight and some conditions and noises at night but it does not exist! And this sighting looks good, it makes me believe it’s real but let me take a closer look at it: This looks like some kind of dog/wolf. The eyes are glowing because of the camera or mysterious reflection, like cat eyes. This is very realistic, but i’m still trying to figure out if slenderman is still REAL!

  18. Emily says:

    Honestly I want to believe its a werewolf but it DOES look like a horse..BUT what is a horse doing in a public park. It depends on the location though to find out if its either of those two -.-

  19. Lygophilous says:

    Could be anything. IR lighting would be helpful for such things.

  20. Quin says:

    I saw the same exact thing in pine lands NJ,On march 13 2011.I believe in myths and paranormal activity.I believe what you saw was the jersey devil but it could be a werewolf.It could be either so keep youre eye out.

  21. James says:

    Holy crap real werewolf.

  22. jose garza says:

    it looks weird it kinda looks like a giant bat but some werewolves have faces like that so i pretty much think that the sighting is a werewolf and also wait do you watch Ben ten it looks kinda one of his alien heros but it still is a werewolf.

  23. tolego1 says:

    it really looks like a horse but remember horses eyes do not glow red they glow yellow dog eyes glow red the proof saying that it is in fact a werewolf. The reason i know this is i watch were wolf movies as a hobby daily i also look up facts and test them since i was 7 i researched werewolves

  24. tolego1 says:

    I have a comment for sofia obviously you dont believe in myths says you dont go in the woods at all at night i am speaking for my own sake i myself saw one i do not like when other people dont believe in them.when i saw it i was walking by the woods and on a hill i saw a wolf like creature standing it looked at and i ran it didnt follow me tho it just stood there

  25. Ruby says:

    i think it’s true theres no way its a horse horses eyes r not amber

  26. Cliff says:

    I’ve seen something like when I was younger. I was in the forested area at night on a full moon. I made a special habit of going out there every full moon after a story my grandma told me about a pack of wolves in the area. They apparently chased my cousins from the house to their car one night. Everybody remembers it vividly.

    Problem. I’m from North Dakota. Wolves haven’t been in that state since the early 1900s.

  27. Sydney says:

    I think its a werewolf cause it has all of the wolf like features and how colud u
    Get a horse or a fish?i mean realy open your eyes theres the wolf like head
    And if u look carefully u can kinda see the whole body so its very obvious
    That this photo isnt croped or eddited this is real

  28. M John E says:

    Is there actually anyone that is not feeding off the remarks of the person Pryor to themselves. 1st off their are reasons why the historical accounts of lycanthropy were written about ferocious creatures of almost demonic killing machines. Werewolves & shapeshifters are not your loving caring family dog or average wolf raised with humans. There are many forms of them right down to those that cannot shapeshift & it’s literally what lycanthropy is nothing more than a mental disease caused by chemicals in the body. 2nd. There were & are cults & groups that are cannibalistic also extreme hunter lodges, & hunters that use furs & predator skins to help them then there are the berserkers still today as was centuries ago & just as ferocious also demonic activity. 3rd, do any of you know anything about the physical & physiology of the 2 mammal predators in question here being human & lupine? meaning the eyes especially a human who becomes wolf & can they return to human form. However if a human eye shifts from a pink color only reflector such caused from a camera flash to that of a wolf which does factual reflect triple colors depending on light type which are yellowish gold in light caused by bulb, red in fire light & greenish yellow in moon light, what color are they going to reflect in an area where their is no lighting of any type. The eyes wouldn’t be seen or reflective to show any color also wolves are highly aggressive especially if they’re a lone alpha wolf trieing to carve out a territory for itself. Now mix that instinctive nature with that of the humans Instictive nature which there is nothing more aggressive nor more of a killer for the sheer pleasure of doing something than humanitys raw instinctive nature which also is still very primal & what do you get. A dead man or a dead anything when whatever or who ever crosses the werewolves or shapeshifters path. You actually think the photo is an actual werewolf that posed to have its picture taken without having attacked the photographer. The reason not much is known on them is because very few humans have survived an attack or was able to get away from it & find help. These things kill & eat what it strikes at & they will like us & wolves will track there wounded prey to continue feeding. There is scientific, eye witnessed, & biological evidence of these creatures with explainations of how why where & possibly a who they are & possible what can be expected from a creature. Think it’s something of more none threatening terrorfieing encounter should you survive if any of you actually cross paths with one. Believe me your heart will be telling you to run & hide or fight cause of the high chance your going to die. You get that spine chilling feeling runs up & down your back your hairs stand up you know your being watched or followed your breath enhances quickly more rapid along with your heartbeat stress & mental fatigue starts to effect your thoughts & feels like your blood is going cold & seems like the devil is right next to ya looking at you ready to touch you. All this are your natural primal nature that says something extremely not right not good flea & do it quickly your on the menu & its 5x over if it a creature similar to shapeshifter or werewolf etc.

  29. Supernatural And Paranormal Investigations (SAPI) says:

    perhaps a Skinwalker?OR a yeenaaldlooshii.

  30. Zammis says:

    It looks like horse with lights shining on it’s eyes.

  31. Zammis says:

    It looks like horse with lights shining on it’s eyes I mean I know I’m only 11 and werewolves are my favorite creacher but face it horses have long ears and look at all the darn light on the stairs and it probably would have attacted him! Even at my age I could set up a figure, paint him, put LED’s on him, dress him a little, then put it in the dark, and take a darn picture! And it isn’t ever that dark outside at my house EVEN AT MIDNIGHT!

  32. Zammis says:

    I know that this is not a werewolf even thogh I am only 11, why do I know this you ask, well for starters it’s only a myth that started befor 1000AD, people are less super stisious then then used to be but some aren’t, people have illoosions, dream residue, big imaginations, and some are just nutso crazy, people had a dizeese that made them have long hair all over their body when born, have red teeth, and howl like dogs. Ever herd of “The boy who cried wolf”? Well people also want serious attention. This looks like a horse or donkey with the red and white lights shining, and this is to tall to be a “werewolf”, and wouldn’t you see the front legs, you can hardly see anything in this exept the eyes even if you had 20 20 vision. I beleive this is a holks.

  33. Alex White says:

    photos from most cameras have an issue with a light reflection called red-eye. it happens when trying to locate eyes on a picture which means these are definetly the eyes of a creature. it also for a wolf has feminine look to the face, which is not a charachteristic of dogs or wolves as in the only way to tell gender between the two is check genitals, so it is possible for genetic mutations to cause changes that can and can’t be reverted, nature is tricky . it is possible that it is a werewolf or lycan type creature but i am still a skeptic trying to believe…

  34. I always did like Werewolves movies and watch History Chanel wend a ducumentery of people seeing this beast they didn’t look like liers to me they were seriuos about if there’s bigfoots why not werewolves in this World anything is posoble in my openion I beliave that they saw something never seen before I like the hole thing about keep up the good work.

  35. I trely believe that nature has suprizes that we don’t yet, this can’t be fake it does not look like anything we know.

  36. Kathy Bayles says:

    It doesn’t look like a werewolf to me, and I know, because I have seen one. For starters, if it were, whomever took this shot wouldn’t be alive. Truthfully, it looks more like a demon, possibly a gargoyle crouched down, or maybe one of the first sightings of chupacabra, and no I don’t mean the doglike creature from TX. That is simply some kind of test animal, I am from TX originally, so I know about tall tales. I am thinking more like demon or even an alien. Didn’t catch were the picture was taken, but that doesn’t matter, since sightings will become more frequent everywhere anyway. If you want to get a better picture, just set up a few video cameras in the area mounted on trees at obscure angles and heights. Set them up during the day and go back the next day. Don’t go in the area at night. Werewolves attatck instantly after frightening their prey, and they usually attack from behind. They kill instantly unless its during the blood moon (3 days) in which they mate and make another as themselves by biting or scratching the victim.

  37. Softwolfsong says:

    I am always the person to try to debunk things. Anything from local haunted spots to stupid posts on facebook about plastic bottles causing cancer if left in your car. I never believed in werewolves except I remember being a kid and seeing something like this in my grandmother’s barn. I wouldn’t say it was a person that changed at the full moon and that is something I would have to witness with my own eyes to believe. What I did see was what I would call an unusually large beast wolf looking but with longer arms in the front then what you would see any dog, coyote, or wolf have. They were almost ape like but I didn’t see fingers. I don’t know if I chalked this off as I got older to being a dream or something because I remember being terrified of the barn at night but had forgotten or rather the memory was lost over time as a childish fear in my head even though I was a young teen. Recently a couple of really scary things happened to refresh my memory and start doing research where I found some odd findings. The first thing that happened was I was on my way to Lakengren from New Paris, Ohio. I was ironically driving down Wolverton Road. It’s my favorite because it’s straight and pretty flat, not traveled a lot especially at night and I love to drive very fast in my Mustang with the convertible top down. There is one particular place where there is a bridge that I have to slow down to almost a stop because being in a low car if I hit it at normal or fast speeds it bottoms my car out bad. I had slowed down and just started to cross when I heard a noise to my right of something crashing out of the brush that was big. I expected to see a dear as my peripheral vision caught a large brownish animal coming but as I turned for full view and comprehension hit me I saw a creature like the one in this pic. Eyes glowing a reddish yellow, wiry looking fur but arms that looked muscular and too long to be a normal wolf or dog. Almost like a mutated ape wolf. I didn’t take time to stop and check it out or take a picture. Rather I stomped my gas pedal to the floor while screaming a scream that would probably have woken the dead and drove like a madman because I couldn’t shake the feeling for quite awhile that this thing was right on my tail. Finally the road came to a T and I had to stop but I barely paused to turn and still drove like crazy all the way home to scared to even stop and put the top up. My mind raced all the way home trying to comprehend if I was really seeing what I just thought I had saw. Was I going crazy? Did I somehow spook myself? I looked for a full moon. It wasn’t full. But oddly enough it was blood red. Another thing dawned on me while driving too. The eyes. It was not being reflected from my car. He came out of a corn field taller than my car. It was the side so it wasn’t headlights. The direction of the moon was behind him and not in front of him. How was the eyes glowing/reflecting? I got home shaken and scared and called my mother and told her and my daughter who was here the story of what I saw. My daughter saw I was shaking like a leaf. It really shook me up. I think our minds try to explain things away more and more. Like what we see is just too uncomprehending to hold onto sometimes. I think that is what I started to do. But I did do some research. The first werewolf sightings in the United States seem to have come from Wisconsin. If you read about them over the years they seemed to start at the top of the state and move down. It wouldn’t be unbelievable to believe whatever it is migrated down to Ohio with the dear. Where I live had reports of Big Foot or a large “ape like creature covered in fur with long arms” in the area and foot prints in different stages that were too large to be normal human were found and cast too. Around the same time people were getting livestock mutilated by a sharp object and the hearts were ripped out. One was from a local farmer who had finally managed to breed a beefalo and then it was one of the animals to be killed. All of these things in the same area. Preble County and close to where I live. The other night I was driving home with the top down coming from Camden down Paint Creek Road. I had my 14, 18, and 23 year old kids with me. I was being silly and trying to scare the girls. This road is surrounded by woods, a creek, and lots of curves. I turned the radio and heater blower off and stopped to a crawl as I crossed a bridge. My son said, “Hey slender man” as we crossed and drove into fog. He did a creepy loud laugh that scared the girls and made them scream and we all cracked up laughing. My daughter said, “This is where you would call big foot and not slender man anyways.” Being silly I howled like a wolf as loud as I could and we started laughing again still driving at a crawl. The creepy part was when behind us in the foggy field off to the side of the road behind the car we heard a very deep and very unhuman howl answer back. Again I found myself screaming and stomping the gas and driving like a bat out of hell. I tried to reason it was some hunter messing with us but I just cant. It was not human. It sounded like something out of a werewolf movie. Besides the fact it isn’t hunting season. So, knowing how insane this sounds and how skeptical I would be if I heard the story, all I can tell you is I am way to scared to go try to see what exactly this thing is. I would welcome a reasonable explanation. I have never heard of wolves in this area other than the ones out at Heaven’s Corner refuge which is no where near here and I know what they sound like howling because I have heard them at Heaven’s Corner. I also know what foxes sound like and other wild life and owning a wolf hybrid more than once I can tell you what we heard was huge. Do I believe people change into wolves? No. Do I believe there is a huge creature in this area that has not been documented? You bet your tail I do. Am I going to try to prove it? No way. I’ll leave that up to someone else to do. I can tell you I have had nonstop nightmares about it since this last event that was on September 8th, 2014. I would be happy to have it debunked so I could sleep at night again.

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