Is this a real Mermaid?

Can this footage be proof that mermaids exist? According to the man who shot this footage they are… be the judge, but be warned this is very compelling footage!

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10 Responses to Is this a real Mermaid?

  1. maria banos says:

    Omgosh watched a documentary on mermaids today. This video is great

  2. fake impossible edited

  3. Could just be a man with something behind him that looks like fins. But what is behind him?

  4. Lilli says:

    This looks so real and yet so fake. I want with all my heart to believe it’s real but i just don’t know!

  5. Victoria says:

    This swam with the currentin the first and was very torpedo streamed with hands to side. The second one made a current with its right hand to steer the fish away in the second film and seemed more unafraid and friendly. Thank you for sharing this. Mermaids may just be angels of the sea.

  6. Chessa says:

    The video on the left I have actually seen before. It was a professionally mermaid swimming in the reefs of Australia. I believe her name is Hannah.

  7. jami says:

    Research this with the history/discovery channels documentary of mermaids on the pacific coastline near oregon/washington…..migratory ? why not?

  8. rylee says:

    it looks so real but then again its looks fake also! im just not sure if its real or not! I mean someone could have edited the video! its one of the oceans great mysteries that will most likely to never be solved or the mystery should just be left alone! if mermaids are real then maybe some of them don’t want to be discovered! maybe all of them don’t want to be discovered for all we know!!!!!!! that’s just my opinion though! im just very curious. I don’t know why. :)

  9. Jeff Leach says:

    If Mermaids are real than I would look for one, I think they’re cute too

  10. Jessica says:

    I will say this I do believe in mermaids the ocean is so big that there are plenty of animals we still have not discovered. And we are starting to see more and more of these rare sightings because of the climate change and that there supply of food is low so they are starting to venture to other places. I am a believer of all types of things. No I don’t think that mermaids look like princess Ariel but let me say this it might be a cartoon but some cartoons have truth and fact in them. Don’t be so quick to dismiss things we live in a huge world and there is all sorts of things out there undiscovered we don’t have any knowledge of nor do we know everything. I never seen a mermaid but I would love to be a person of such sightings.

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