Amityville Ghost!

Amityville Ghost

 Mysterious Sightings…..Ghost boy appears in the Amityville house where Ronald Joseph “Butch” DeFeo, Jr. apparently killed his Father, Mother two brothers and two sisters in 1974.

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7 Responses to Amityville Ghost!

  1. Lisandro says:

    I have exerpienced many Ghost encounters ghost follow me everywhere i go and move. If you don’t believe in ghost come live with me for a while i will get you believing!!

    • Paul Hannah says:

      Stop lying , if this has actually happened then tell me where you live and I will investigate.

    • Lee Whitworth says:

      I’m not sure if you are telling the entire truth. Ghosts don’t follow household inhabitants, they stay in the house or building. But I’m not calling you a complete liar.

  2. mike says:

    the investigator that was there that night was wearing glasses. She happened to peak around the corner when this photo was shot. The ‘eyes’ of the ghost are the reflection of her glasses.

  3. Dawn DeAngelo says:

    Am curious is their a such place as Anmie ville horror or is just a fun thriller for a movie? IF THRIRS A STORY BEHIND IT LIKE GORE ORPHANAGE OR MANSFEIELD HOW CAN I GO AND SEE IT FOR MYSELF?

  4. Dawn DeAngelo says:

    Come on how does someone come back from the dead? This is even more interesting than criminal activity would be for someone of my neck of the woods! Am not cop but I do allot of voluntary stuff with our police and plAn to go for . Lorain county legal/ sex crimes Advocacy and I have a story behind it.I’ve seen allot of nasty crimes, drinking and criminals since I was only 5 and half and other people like nuts and socalopaths but nothing like a thrilling ghost hunt exspecailly when we all know it’s not REAL! I wish it was lol what fun lol. Hate drama but love a good thriller!

  5. We have done extensive research into this particular case; the Amityville Horror intriugues us so much. We are saying this is real, no doubt. The eyes are abnormal and the posture is the other extreme.

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